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OSM Inspector Routing View Update

4.04.2013 | Frederik Ramm

The OSM Inspector’s “routing” view has always been the “odd one out” among the OSMI views. It higlights potential problems for routing, and was initially sponsored by Skobbler. At first it was available only for the EU; later we rolled it out world-wide but lacked the resources to actually update the world-wide view regularly, leaving us with a daily updated “Europe” view and a less frequently updated “non-Europe” view. We were hoping to attract someone to sponsor that section of OSMI but since nobody was forthcoming we’ve now put it on a more solid footing (read: better hardware) ourselves. The routing view should now update regularly for the whole world, and is also available as one single layer.

(If you should have bookmarked the old “routing-non-eu” view, drop the “non-eu” to use the unified routing view.)

This is also a good opportunity to thank OSM’s routing experts Pascal Neis (inventor of the original, and developer of the “unconnected” and “duplicate” layers in OSMI’s routing view) and Dennis Luxen (the man behind OSRM, and supplier of the “islands” layer in OSMI’s routing view).

The new hardware will allow us to add a couple more improvements to OSMI in the coming months.