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Haiti Maps and Data

18.01.2010 | Frederik Ramm

After the recent earthquake in Haiti, OpenStreetMap contributors around the world started to do what they could to improve mapping there, tracing over satellite imagery made available by GeoEye and others. Geofabrik takes part in this effort by providing a special download server that has OSM data extracts, shape files, and Garmin maps created from OSM data, all updated every five minutes in order to put mappers’ work to maximum use. We also have very large PNG files rendered every hour, and a collection of PNG map snapshots that document how mapping has progressed:

Left, OpenStreetMap map of Port-au-Prince, 1st January, 2010. Right, same map, 17th January.

Read more about the work and results of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team for Haiti.

Tell us if there is something else we can do.