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Change of the “Alps” polygon on the download server

18.09.2023 | Frederik Ramm

For quite a while now we’ve been offering a region called “Alps” on our download server and simply assigned it a rectangular bounding box. There have been some legitimate complaints about this box missing some bits in the Southwest (notably the Maritime Alps). We’re therefore changing the boundary polygon, but in order to keep the size manageable, we’re also getting rid of some of the areas that were included until now but are definitely not part of the “Alps” by any definition. Here’s the old (rectangular) and the new (potato-shaped) areas:

Notably the old file contained all of Bern, Zürich, Munich, Linz, Venezia, Zagreb, and Milano; these cities are not in the new “Alps” any more.

We’ll be making the change on September 25 which will lead to a relatively large diff, deleting all the stuff that isn’t in the file any more and adding all that is new. If you somehow rely on the old polygon, you’ll have to stop updating now.