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Internal Download Server now on OAuth2

15.02.2024 | Frederik Ramm

Our project-internal download server which supplies OSM data with full metadata has been upgraded to use OAuth2, in anticipation of OSMF switching off their support for OAuth1.0a.

(For those who are not aware – the public “no login required” download server doesn’t publish the author and timestamp of modifications in order to be squeaky clean when it comes to data protection; the project-internal server requires an OSM login, thereby ensuring that anyone downloading data from this server has consented to OSM’s policies which, among others, include a data protection clause.)

In fact, as some of you may have noticed, we had been using OAuth1.0, not 1.0a, until now, which was unceremoniously given the boot last weekend, leading to a service interruption of a few days on the internal download server.

It’s all fixed now, and those of you who use some sort of automated download with a cookie will have to update their and obtain a new cookie as documented on the GitHub page.