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Geofabrik Tools Revamped

5.02.2009 | Frederik Ramm

We have added a slippy map and a map comparison view to our tools page. Yes, we know, there are some of these around already, but ours have received a lot of love in the finer detail.

The slippy map, for example, has a map grid layer that clearly shows tile coordinates and boundaries on all zoom levels, making it easy to spot rendering artifacts at tile boundaries. You can also choose to see not only the mouse cursor position, but also the current extent of the map view in degrees. The map also offers quick links to a series of other OpenStreetMap services – and when you switch from our map to, say, the map display at, the viewport will of course be retained.

The map comparison tool offers a side-by-side full-screen comparison of any two map sources, and also has a slaved cross-hair pointer for exact location of detail.

All Geofabrik tools are now linked through a drop-down in the top-right corner so that you can easily switch from the map view to the Inspector or the map comparison page – and back again – without having to zoom to the same location all the time.

We have also polished the entry page, so head over there and give it a test drive!